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Revison power plant Siebnen, Switzerland

Kochendörfer is awarded the contract for the general overhaul of the 4 machine sets in the Siebnen power plant; machine set 1 is successfully back on the grid after the overhaul in 2016. Machine sets 2-4 will be overhauled in the years 2017 to 2019.

Vertical Francis turbines 12 MW each
Impeller diameter 1600 mm
Drop height 200 m

Wägital/Siebnen power station

Pirk dam power station

In December 2017, the new Kochendörfer turbine was put into operation after a very short delivery time of 6 months, resulting in a significant increase in the plant’s output.

Kaplan spiral turbine
Output 420 kW, drop height 13.20 m

Pirk Dam power station, Germany

Oder Dam power station, Germany

At the Odertalsperre power plant, the complete mechanical and electrical engineering was supplied as part of the overall modernization.

Horizontal Francis spiral turbine
Output 4.70 MW
Impeller diameter 1300 mm

Oder Dam power station

Windisch power station, Switzerland

Kochendörfer manufactures, supplies and installs the new machine set 3 for the existing Windisch power plant as a direct-coupled Kaplan turbine with a permanently excited generator (PMG).

Kaplan turbine
Power 830 kW
Impeller diameter 2350 mm

Windisch power station

Mapragg pumped storage power plant, Switzerland

Kochendörfer manufactures and supplies the hydraulic turbine governors for the 3 pump-turbine sets at the Mapragg power plant.

Turbine output 93 MW
Pump capacity 53 MW

Mapragg pumped storage power plant

Gurtnellen power station, Switzerland

Kochendörfer manufactures and supplies two vertical-axis 4-nozzle Pelton turbines and the entire mechanical and electrical power plant equipment for the Gurtnellen power plant in Switzerland.

Two vertical Pelton turbines, 4-nozzle
Output 2 x 5.19 MW, drop height 577.90 m

Gurtnellen power station

Meitingen power plant, Germany

All three machine sets at the Meitingen power plant were completely overhauled and modernized. The impellers of all three machines (six in total) were redesigned by Kochendörfer and manufactured from stainless steel. The power plant achieves a double-digit increase in generation thanks to the new impeller design.

3 Francis twin turbines
Output 3 x 4.40 MW

Meitingen hydropower plant, BEW

Melikom power plant, Turkey

Kochendörfer Germany and HPWE Austria support the design and manufacture of the machines. The turbine parts were manufactured in Ankara (Turkey) in order to obtain local subsidies.

2 Francis spiral turbines
Output 5.30 MW and 2.60 MW

Melikom power plant, Turkey

Grimsel Nollen power station, Switzerland

Kochendörfer manufactures and supplies the new horizontal Francis spiral turbine for the Grimel Nollen power plant in Switzerland. Commissioning was successfully completed in November 2017 with the efficiency tests.

Francis spiral turbine
Output 1092 kW, drop height 47.50 m

KWO Grimselstrom, Grimsel Nollen power plant, Switzerland